Height Adjuster for E2 Long (4 Pieces)

E2 Colour
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£ 40,00 (incl. 20% VAT)

The long height adjusters – with five holes which have a distance between them of 40 mm – make it possible to raise the table a minimum of 46 mm or a maximum of 228 mm.

When the height adjusters are equipped with hooded plugs the table simply lies on top of them whereas the adjusters with solid plates enable you to attach the table top with two screws so it cannot possibly slip or slide. Please keep in mind that the height adjusters will scratch when being raised or lowered and we therefore highly recommend the chromed or electro-galvanized versions.

Manufacturer: Adam Wieland / Material: Steel tube / Measurements: L1,8 x D1,8 x H40,0 cm / Weight: 0,7 kg / Made in Germany / Details: Set of 4 pieces including dowels