Tip Top Tabletop – Fresh linoleum colours & shapes!

Design your very OWN Linoleum Table, with our E2 table stands.

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PLUSMINUS, the freely configurable linoleum / MDF shelf made to measure

New! LOW & LOWER – The elegant side table system, designed by Michel Charlot.

This fits to our tables – the RAVIOLI Stool with soft linoleum seating.

New! TOPP 8 – A bowl made of lino and hemp fibers, for fresh fruits & more.

HUBERT – The height adjustable table stand! #tiptoptabletop

Customized Linoleum Tables
Design your very OWN tabletop with our 3D online configurator.

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Low & Lower

Low & Lower is a product line of linoleum side tables designed by Michel Charlot exclusively for Faust Linoleum. The combination of the Linoleum surface, the front edge in solid wood and the refined metal frame merges within this product family to a discreet elegance, fitting perfectly in all kinds of room ambience.

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Free linoleum samples!
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Topp 1,2 & 3
Sustainable serving trays made from linoleum and plant fibers. Available in 3 sizes and many Forbo linoleum colors.

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Topp 8 Bowl

Designed by industrial designer Daniel Lorch, Topp 8 is a sculptural looking bowl made of linoleum and a novel plant fiber non-woven fabric. It’s ideal as a fruit and serving bowl, desk tray, etc.

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