200 ml Cleaning Solution, 150 ml Revitalising Oil

A set of Faust care products containing a revitalising oil and cleaning solution in semi-transparent bottles with branded labels. In the background, three white cotton cloths and one light blue microfibre towel.
£ 35,00 (incl. 20% VAT)

Faust furniture is characterised by beautifully natural and hardwearing surfaces. Our linoleum, wood veneer and cork, like all natural materials, can age and alter over time. You can do much to extend the lifespan of your product and help maintain its natural qualities by taking care of it. To make this simple for our customers, Faust has created a Care Kit.

​​Our Care Kit includes a 200 ml Cleaning Solution for daily cleaning and a 150 ml bottle of Revitalising Oil for an occasional nourishing treatment. Plus, a microfibre cloth and three reusable recycled cotton towels for applying the solution and oil. For detailed maintenance information, please visit our dedicated Care and Maintenance page.

Weight: 0,6 kg