Designed by BIG-GAME

£ 500,00 (incl. 20% VAT)

The new OFF-CUT table is a piece of well considered furniture. As pleasurable to use as it is efficient to make, the OFF-CUT table by Swiss design studio BIG-GAME brings versatility and a punctuation of color to any space.

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The design of our new OFF-CUT series began with an ambition to create a small furniture object that would be highly functional, assert our furniture-making values, and demonstrate our love of linoleum.
The tables can be employed in any corner of a home; as sofa tables, temporary workstations, beside beds, as platforms for table lights or plinths for your favorite objects.

The table’s neat outline and crisp surface is amplified by the bold punch of deep color that only linoleum provides. Like all Faust furniture, OFF-CUT will provide longevity, resilience, and enduring aesthetic appeal to your space.
OFF-CUT makes inventive use of both signature and unexpected materials from the Faust factory: The strong cardboard spool at the center of our linoleum rolls is normally a waste product, redundant after the linoleum is used. BIG-GAME have repurposed it as the leg of the OFF-CUT table. Similarly, BIG-GAME found an ideal use for awkwardly sized pieces of surplus linoleum in the small OFF-CUT table surfaces, further streamlining our material usage and bringing us even closer to zero waste industrial production.

The OFF-CUT tables are available in variations; circular and square configurations with a central leg can be used alone or nested together. Taller rectangular and semi-circular tables feature an offset leg and are especially suited to being placed next to a sofa or chair as a task table or for dining.

Our skilled craftsmen will create each OFF-CUT table according to the customer’s specific choice of size, shape, and color.

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Manufacturer: Faust / Designer: BIG-GAME / Material: Plywood, linoleum, paper tube, steel, cork / Colour: All linoleum shades / Weight: 9,9-11,7 kg / Details: The weight specified is inclusive of the packaging / Produced in EU, Germany

A half-round Off-cut side table with plywood tabletop, covered with orange blast linoleum, used as a workspace for a laptop next to a sofa in a living room or communal office area.
Two nesting square Off-cut side tables with plywood tabletops covered with burgundy and salsa linoleum, serving as side tables in front of a shelf.
Round Off-cut side table with a plywood tabletop covered with olive linoleum, suitable for use as a bedside table in a bedroom in a private home or hotel.