Shipping & Handling


Tops arrive by personal delivery to your front door. The further transport into your premises is not included in the delivery price. However, our delivery staff will be happy to lend you a hand (and will be grateful for a tip). We aim to arrange personal delivery where ever possible to eliminate the chance of transport damage. For individual orders of smaller items we will occasionally arrange delivery by courier.

Shipping costs & Exceptions

< 1.00kg (0–0,99 kg)
£ 4.00 (basic price) incl. 20% VAT
1.00kg - 8.00kg (1–7,99 kg)
£ 12.00 (basic price) incl. 20% VAT
< 50.00kg (8–49,99 kg)
£ 45.00 (basic price) incl. 20% VAT
50.00kg - 100.00kg (50–99,99 kg)
£ 0.90/kg incl. 20% VAT
> 100.00kg (> 100 kg)
£ 0.80/kg incl. 20% VAT

Products with per item shippings costs:

Ravioli Linoleum Stool S, DIN Table Frame, Ravioli Linoleum Barstool M, Ravioli Linoleum Stool L, DIN Traverse, Cable Rod, Beam Bench, Pin Board, E2 Centrical Cross, E2 Shifted Cross, Flip Cable Lid, MT2 Oak, Canteen Legs, Pro 6 Swivel Chair Black, Sinus Trestle (Set of 2), Hubert motorized (Centered Leg), Pro 6 Swivel Chair Aluminium, PRO 6 Wooden Frame, Hubert motorized (Shifted Leg), MT30 Table Base, PRO 6 Four-Legged, PRO 6 Sled Frame, PRO 6 C-Frame, Loop Stand (Set of 2)

The shipping costs per item are based on the total amount of the items from the list above as follows:

- first item: £ 30 incl. VAT
- second and more items: each £ 12.50 incl. VAT.

Delivery costs to remote locations can increase. Deliveries to the UK only.

Delivery times

Linoleum table tops: 6-8 weeks
Plus-minus system: 4-6 weeks
Items in stock and other products: 2-3 weeks

Each order is made individually, we have no stock. Due to the current situation and the high demand, our delivery times are longer than usual.

Deliveries within the M25 only!

We deliver your order by dedicated vehicle and driver.
Unfortunately we can only offer this service within the M25 motorway.
Alternatively you can collect your order in our E17 warehouse.
For details please contact us by email before placing your order.

info [ at ] faustlinoleum [ dot ] co [ dot ] uk